Art Direction Intern

We happily welcome 2 Art Direction Interns a year. If you want to help while learning about concepting and art directing compelling visual narratives, contact us ! (Please apply only if you truly fit the description below).


  • Full time internship only
  • Min 4 months, Max 6 months
  • French standard internship gratification
  • No "Alternances"


  • Assist in the ideations, and craft creative concepts in line with SG’s artistic direction.
  • Create excellent and impactful decks and treatments for idea presentation, articulating concepts clearly and concisely.
  • Synthesize complex ideas into compelling visual narratives
  • Maintain a contemporary cultural and artistic awareness that translates into relevant visual outputs.
  • Engage in image trend monitoring and conduct regular brainstorming sessions to stay ahead of industry trends.
  • Possess technical knowledge and production skills to create mockups, examples, and layouts to support creative initiatives.
  • Utilize technical tools proficiently, including Adobe Creative Suite,,, Slack, with AI knowledge being an advantageous asset.


  • Experience of at least 1 internship in the creative industry.
  • School agreement (or "convention") required.
  • The candidate must be based in Paris, or willing to relocate
  • English and/or French
  • Portfolio that showcases a keen artistic eye
  • Great skills in deck and treatment design
  • Dynamic and passionate about creating and contributing to high-level creative projects.
  • Knowledge in relevant software tools and platforms : Adobe, Pitch, Arena, etc.
  • A good grasp of image production techniques (Traditional image-making, CGI, AI)
  • Knowledge in basic productivity tools (Pitch, Slack, Asana, Notion)
  • Motivation and passion for images, fashion and the services généraux DNA
  • Natural curiosity for the techniques we use, and for learning new techniques.
  • Flexibility and agility in project management, production, and internal and external human relations.

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Unfortunately, we cannot respond to every application. If you do not receive a reply from us, please send us a reminder (Only 1 please).
Thank you !