CGI Artist Intern

Full time internship (Monday through Friday)
Times : 10:00 — 19:00
17 r. Pastourelle 75003

missions :

  • Production of CGI imagery, and CGI related tasks
  • Taking part in the production within our pipeline (modeling, shading, simulation, animation, rendering, editing, compositing, post-production)
  • Responsible for CGI missions (sometimes even client-facing)
  • Participate in creative brainstorms to make the S-G vision exist and evolve

exigences :

  • Experience of at least 1 internship in the creative industry.

  • School agreement (or "convention") required.

  • taste and skills for the creation and production of photorealistic still and moving images

  • knowledge of C4D + octane + adobe creative suite are ESSENTIAL !

  • knowledge of zbrush + marvelous are a plus

  • Mastery of other image-making tools (editing, compositing, post-production, etc)

  • mastery of the design workflow of a still or animated image, from start to finish (conceptualization, mockup, modeling, shading, lighting, rendering, compositing, post-production, etc.).

  • Good project management skills (receiving briefs, estimating, cutting, etc).

  • Motivation and passion for design, fashion and the services généraux DNA

  • Natural curiosity for the techniques we use, and for learning new techniques.

  • flexibility and agility in project management, production, and internal and external human relations.

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